Top 12 Ways to Prevent Exposure to Mercury, Other Metals and Environmental Toxins

Step 1 of my 4-Step Mercury and Heavy Metal Detoxification Program is all about eliminating exposure to mercury, other heavy metals and environmental toxins. This is the first priority. I could easily write a few books about all the ways we are unknowingly exposed to various poisonous substances. But this issue can be effectively undertaken in 12 simple steps.

Replace amalgam fillings (if applicable)

1. Remove all amalgam (silver) fillings only by a dentist that is specially trained and certified for the safe removal of amalgam fillings.
Following are a few excellent sources I recommend who maintain updated lists of dentists who are qualified in the safe removal of amalgams fillings are:

  • DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) is a non-for-profit organization that will send you a wealth of information and resources for Please support them in their great work to help victims of mercury toxicity. The also print a bi-annual news booklet, providing you with updated research, studies, real stories and many valuable resources. Their website is:
  • IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)
  • Mercury Free Dentistry –
  • IABDM (International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine)
  • The Smart Choice – Dentists trained by Dr. Boyd Haley’s Protocol (SMART certified).

Eliminate consumption of fish and shellfish

2. Do not eat fresh or saltwater fish or shellfish, except for anchovies and sardines, preferably in aluminum and BPA free containers. In 2011 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officially stated that seafood is now the most toxic and harmful food in the United States due to its high mercury Many other seafoods are also highly toxic with pesticides, dioxins and other chemicals.

Farm-raised fish are especially toxic due to the contaminated food they are given. Most farm-raised fish are also given steroids and hormones and chemical dyes to grow quickly and abnormally large and to “enhance” the color of the flesh. Many experts state that from the fukushima radiation in Japan in 2011, plutonium (radiation) has traveled to the U.S. Pacific coasts and inner fresh waters and beyond.

Wild Alaskan salmon used to be the last remaining safe, non-toxic fish available. Not anymore. Some researchers have sent various samples of fresh wild Alaskan Salmon and they tested positive for plutonium/cesium (radiation).

Needless to say, your progress will be limited if you continue to poison your body by ingesting more mercury and other poisonous substances.

Eat only non-GMO organic, grass-fed, free-roaming meats, eggs and dairy

3. Do not eat non-organic meat, eggs, and dairy products, at least when at home. In 2011, the EPA has stated that non-organic meat, eggs and dairy are now the second most toxic and harmful foods in the United States due to its high level of steroids, hormones, chemicals and pesticides in the foods they are fed when non-organic.  Also, the food we feed animals that is non-organic is usually genetically modified.

In some locations, it is not easy to find restaurants that serve organic foods, but at least when at home, please eat only organic meat and eggs. Animals that are fed organic foods are usually treated more humanely. Grass fed beef or buffalo is very healthy. The fat tested in grass fed beef is one of the healthiest fats one can consume. When beef is fed an unnatural diet of GMO corn, grain, soy, and typically does not graze on its natural diet, changes the entire composition of the meat and fat, adversely altering the quality.

Eat only non-GMO organic fruits and vegetables

4. Eat only organic fruits and vegetables; at least when at home. All non-organic fruits and vegetables have pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals. These pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, steroids, hormones, etc. are tasteless, odorless and colorless. Just because you can’t see, taste or smell it, does not mean it’s not there.

Also, many non-organic foods are GMO and also irradiated, which destroys the molecular structure of the food. This is demonstrated by countless scientific studies to have a severe detrimental effect on the cells in the human body, including altering and damaging one’s DNA.

This greatly impairs the immune system as well as other bodily systems. Also, the nutritional content of non-organic fruits and vegetables are much lower than organic food. One example: organic spinach contains 8 times more iron than non-organic spinach.

Drink and cook with only pure water sources

5. Drink clean, pure water – NOT tap or bottled water! All or most bottled water is also very toxic. One scientific study of many tested 22 brands of bottled water containing high levels of the known neurotoxin fluoride.

This does not include the other various toxins in our treated water, such as lead, arsenic, mercury, chlorine and pharmaceutical drugs improperly disposed in toilets. Numerous water tests have identified the drugs, Prozac and other antidepressants, valium, antibiotics, Viagra and many others. So make sure to use a good water filter for you and your pets.

Three ideal water filters for clean, pure drinking water:

  • Zero water filter. Like a Brita but is a 5 carbon filter instead of a 2 carbon filter ($50 for a pitcher and one filter. 4 replacement filters is about $50). One filter which is $15.00 lasts about one month for one adult. Excellent filter. Can purchase at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and Amazon.
  • Aqua Tru water filter countertop reverse osmosis system (about $450).
  • High Tech Health countertop reverse osmosis/ionizer water filter system (about $1750). Recommended by various credible doctors including Dr. Sherry Rogers, authoer of Detoxify or Die.

Use non-toxic household cleaners and exterminators

6. Use non-toxic cleaners and exterminators in your home. Health food stores carry non-toxic household cleaners. Non-toxic or low-toxic exterminators are available almost anywhere now.

Non-toxic personal hygiene products

7. Use only non-toxic personal hygiene products – this includes body lotions, cosmetics, facial creams, perfume/cologne, deodorant. Do not use any perfume/cologne until you are fully recovered. These products are extremely toxic. They are so harmful to the body and when applied on the face and neck, it’s absorbed through the skin and goes directly into the brain, thyroid and endocrine. The liver doesn’t even have a chance to try to neutralize these toxins.

The chemicals in perfumes contain known carcinogens and are directly related to causing hormone imbalances, infertility, a weak immune system, allergies, MCAS, depression, anxiety, insomnia and many other symptoms. Many cosmetics and lipsticks, including lip balms have petroleum-based products in them! Use non-toxic cosmetics, lipsticks and lip balms. Use only aluminum-free and paraben-free deodorant. We all know how toxic aluminum is to the cells including the brain. It’s a medically proven and accepted fact that aluminum causes Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and various neurological disorders, yet unfortunately, it is still allowed to be used in deodorant, baking powder and other common household products. It is also in many medicines, oral, topical and intravenous. An entire book could be written about that alone.

Consume no artificial sweeteners

8. Do not consume artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners (this includes Splenda and Truvia) are severely damaging to the body, in particular the nervous system and cause numerous health issues. You are much better off eating sugar!

Do not use toothpaste and mouthwash containing fluoride

9. Do not use toothpaste and mouthwash containing fluoride. Even though there are countless scientific studies proving how toxic and harmful fluoride is and that it is a neurotoxin and known and medically accepted as a carcinogen, companies still add fluoride in toothpastes, mouthwash and our drinking water.

NOW Xyliwhite and Spry are my favorite brands of toothpaste and mouthwash and is available at most health food stores. It contains xylitol, which is a healthy sweetener and is also effective at killing bacteria.

Do not use toxic candles or toxic air fresheners

10. Do not use toxic candles. Many candles scented or non-scented release a very toxic vapor into the air. Even many “soy candles” may contain soy, but also contains poisonous chemicals. Also, do not use toxic spray deodorizers or the scented plug in types inlcuding for your cars. The chemicals in them contain poisonous substances including known carcinogens. These have been known to kill infants (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), pet birds and other animals, cause asthma, allergies, anxiety, brain damage and nervous system problems.

Use non-toxic cookware

11. Use non-toxic cookware. Teflon non-stick cookware and many other non-stick cookware are very toxic with polychlorofluorocarbons and other poisonous chemicals. The toxins get released into the food you cook. This includes cooking with aluminum cookware and aluminum foil.

Cast iron skillets and pans are often considered hazardous to one’s health. When cooking food in the oven, also use non-toxic cookware. Glass, ceramic and titanium and stainless steel are ideal. Titanium and ceramic pans are usually a healthy non-stick option.

You can get 100% stainless steel pots and pans at higher end department stores, Bed Bath and Beyond and some restaurant supply stores.

Protect Your Home, Office and Person from EMF’s

12. Prevent or greatly reduce exposure to electronic magnetic frequencies (EMF’s). The topic of EMF’s is not my area of expertise. So, I will only briefly touch on this subject, but know that it is of the utmost importance. Please use “diodes” for all electronic devices in your home, especially your cell phones, computers, wireless routers and cordless phones, as these devices emit the most EMF’s. Also, use diodes for your lamp, electric clock and wall outlets near your bed where you sleep. Never use a microwave for anything, including water, or stand within 6 feet of one while in operation.

Anyone chronically ill can be more adversely affected by EMF exposure. Dr. Klinghardt taught me that EMF exposure greatly inhibits the body’s ability to heal and detoxify by altering and interfering with the body’s energy system. He has numerous published articles and videos explaining the how’s and why’s about this. There are also many other sources available online from other EMF experts.

Understanding the basics of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR’s) protection:

Exposure to EMF’s and EMR’s alters the energy frequency/vibration within our body as well as the energetic field surrounding our body, sometimes referred to as our aura.

EMF’s cause our body’s energy system to be less harmonious, balanced and cohesive. Their effects are the opposite of being life supporting. Dr. K is a master on the human energy system and explained to me about the importance of using EMF protection to support my recovery.

To paraphrase and sum up what he taught me is that our body needs to be in a certain energy frequency to efficiently repair and regenerate, and to function optimally.

EMF’s and EMR’s disrupt our body’s energy system. They come from satellites, cellular and radio towers and the new 5G technology. 5G technology is much more powerful than the previous 4G technology, emitting over one thousand times more EMF’s!

Many credible scientists, medical doctors, researchers and other EMF experts say that EMF’s can:

  • Weaken the immune system
  • Support the overgrowth of microbes (bacteria, candida, fungus, mold, parasites, viruses)
  • Impair digestion and assimilation and many other functions of the body.
  • Directly cause or contribute to causing tumors, cancer, ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, autoimmune diseases, infertility and many other diseases and health conditions.
  • Can cause the following symptoms: insomnia, anxiety, chronic fatigue, irritability, headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, depression, allergies, a delicate or fragile nervous system with less resiliency to handling stress, brain fog and impaired vision just to name a few.

Some of my clients are sensitive to EMFs and need to significantly limit their time spent on the phone or computer and turn their wifi router or other electronic devices off. For some, their sensitivities to EMF’s have become so severe they have no choice but to move out of their homes away from their families to live in a rural area in another state where there is no or much less exposure to EMF’s.

Some clients rent an Airbnb or other rental, or even live in their vehicle or a tent at an ideal location. Developing sensitivities to EMF’s can become a huge problem for the more severely mercury and heavy metal toxic.

Mercury and heavy metals damage the myelin sheath, the exterior coating of nerve cells. The myelin sheath protects the cells from cellular corrosion (cellular damage/breakdown) caused by heavy metals and other environmental toxins AND EMFs. So, when the myelin sheath is damaged, the nerve cell is exposed and “raw” and becomes sensitive and inflamed. The more cellular damage there is to the myelin sheath (as well as other cells), the more sensitive and intolerable you can become to EMFs.

The good news is, you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF’s with only a few EMF protection devices that you can purchase and have in your home, workplace and on your person for when you leave your home/office.

If you’re struggling with the symptoms of a compromised nerve sheath, rest assured that my heavy metal detox program includes repairing and regenerating the nerve cells and myelin sheath.

Dr. K teaches about the effects of EMF exposure. He has numerous Youtube videos and information on his website at

Recommendations for EMF Protection

EMF Protection Specialist, Guy Vantresca has summarized the product recommendations from his EMF handbook. His understanding of the ill effects of EMF’s on the energy system of the human body, as well as how to protect ourselves from these negative effects is second to none. Guy has also personally tested each of these devices with EMF detectors and we can both personally vouge for the effectiveness of these devices that protect us from the damaging effects of EMF’s.


 by Guy Vantresca, June 10, 2021

I have summarized the product recommendations from my EMF handbook, for simplicity sake:

In dealing with EMF exposure, there are 3 companies whose products prevent non-native radiation from damaging your health.  Coincidentally, they all have “shield” in the name, and all 3 have the same discount code, EMFGUY:

Total Shield


Satic Shield

Total Shield and BluShield, make products that not only counter the negative effects of EMF, but also enhance the positive electronic fields around you.  As more and more man-made radiation fields are implemented in our environment, having active devices in your home becomes essential.  Static Shield cleans the electric grid inside your walls.

Total Shield:

Total Shield is composed of two separate electronic generators. One generator is a detector device that identifies the frequencies of the magnetic disturbances and grid lines from the environment and broadcasts them back out through a Tesla coil, which cancels out the disturbance. Think of it like an electro-magnetic filter.  The other generator emits a constant 7.83 hertz frequency, which duplicates the Schumann resonance (the resonant frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field).   They are cylinder-shaped mini-towers, with four models: single coil, double coil, triple coil, and quadruple coil.  Get the best one, the Quadruple coil model, which is $520, and worth every penny.  The Quad coil model protects against 3 threats: EMF, Geopathic stress, and HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), and covers an area of 40,000 square feet.

The manufacturer, Brimhall Wellness, sells directly, and through distributors.  I highly recommend buying directly from Brimhall Wellness, at their website, since Dr. Brimhall himself designed Total Shield, and had them manufactured by a Defense contractor in North Carolina.  Use the Promotion code (all caps):  EMFGUY.   You get free shipping on all products, including the magnet card.

To order the Total Shield, go directly to the Brimhall website, and use the code (all caps), EMFGUY. Make sure to select the option “quadruple coil”. It is $520 before using discount code EMFGUY:

It comes with a switchable (100-240 volt) power supply, so it works anywhere in the world.  You just need an adapter to plug into a wall outlet outside the U.S.

Once you get the Total Shield, place it directly on the floor, not on top of a cabinet, and not under your bed.  Wherever you place it, make sure the adjustment knobs are accessible.

Settings:  there are two dial knobs, upper and lower.  Each knob has 3 settings.  The lower knob: left is EP (EMF) only, right is GW (geopathic) only.  The center setting is for both.   Keep it on both, the center setting, during waking hours, for Alpha wave frequencies (7.83 Hz).  At night turn left to EP only, which strengthens the Theta wave frequencies, enhancing sleep.  The upper dial has 3 lights.  For the first two months, keep it in the center position during waking hours (green and yellow), and switch to the left (red) when going to sleep, to introduce Theta waves (3.91 Hz).  Once your body attunes the field of the Tower, usually after two months, you can put the top dial to the right during the day (all 3 lights blinking).  At night, switch over to the left so only the Red light is blinking.


This series of products were designed and built by an electrical engineer in New Zealand.  The models are similar in size, and price, to Total Shield, however, they work at a different level.  While the Total Shield overlays a natural Microwave Radiation field on the incoherent field of artificial radiation, Blushield uses scaler waves to send information to all biological life in the area, to strengthen the field at a cellular level, so the negative effects of man-made radiation does not harm the body. Blushield does not impact the electric grid or electronic devices.

You really need both Total Shield and Blushield for best coverage.

The website has videos which explain the technology.

To purchase the BluShield, this is my affiliate site.  When placing your order, use the code EMFGUY to get 10% discount:

Picture of the Blushield Ultra Premium ($1,299.00 before using discount code)

Here is the Blushield product overview:

There are 3 main products for the home/office; ULTRA Premium for $1,299.  Premium Cube, Gen 2 for $899, and the PLUG-IN, for $299.  These are retail prices.  You get 10% discount using my promotion code; EMFGUY.

Here are the differences:

The ULTRA Premium ($1,299 minus 10% discount), protects from 5G, and is for densely populated areas, or commercial offices, that have a lot of EMF exposure.  It covers a radius area of 90 meters (just under 100 yards) in all directions.  This will cover your entire home, when placed in the middle of the house.

The Premium CUBE, Gen. 2 ($899 minus 10% discount) provides most of the same protection as the ULTRA, including 5G, but is designed for suburban areas or towns that are not as densely populated.  It covers the same area; a radius of 90 meters (just under 100 yards) in all directions.  This will cover your entire home, when placed in the middle of the house.  It is small and light, and can be used for travel, too. **This is the cube I bought for my home as well as the Total Shield and Energpolarit diodes on most wall outlets and electrical devices/appliances in my home as well as the one diode for the circuit breaker box.

The PLUG-IN ($299 plus 10% discount) is for a hotel room or apartment.  It covers 45 meters (50 yards) in all directions.  It does not provide any 5G protection.  It’s good for rural areas that probably won’t have 5G cell towers near your home.

These devices come with a switchable (100-240 volt) power supply, so they work anywhere in the world.  You just need an adapter to plug into a wall outlet outside the U.S.

There are 3 different PORTABLE versions.  Good for cars, or when using public transport.  It covers an area of 3 meters, or 10 feet, in all directions, in fits in your pocket.  Read this section to decide which is best for you:

There is a car device, called Tesla Gold Auto (not to be confused with the Tesla car company, or Nicola Tesla), retailing for $299, covering the same area as the PLUG-IN.  However, it’s being upgraded, and not yet available.

The Blushield Portables, any of them, are for basic protection.   Only the plug in models can provide protection from 5G, Smart meters, Starlink, etc.   Its not just the distance covered, it’s the type of frequency that each device puts out.

Note: The Total Shield and Blushield do different things.  

Total Shield overlays the earth natural frequency over a VERY large area, 40,000 square feet, and protects from Geo-pathic stress, and some, not all, Satellite frequencies.

Blushield sends out a frequency your body naturally wants to resonate with.  So it does not matter what EMF is in the area, your body will connect to Blushield instead of with the false freq. of EMF.

Static Shield:

Next step; remediate (remove or reduce) the electric wiring in the walls.  Your power circuit has “Dirty Electricity”.  Why? Because the power companies, back 120 years ago, never knew that electricity effects health. They still don’t acknowledge it, although the evidence is there. There are a few companies that make plug-in products that clean the electric grid in your home or office. The two most popular are Greenwise and Stetzer.  Both companies were cutting edge when they came on market years ago.  However, they have not improved their products much.  Another company, Satic Shield, has taken the concept of cleaning the grid and taken it to a higher level.

 You can buy a kit from Satic Shield and clean your grid.  Again, I have a discount code: EMFGUY:

First, go to Resources, and read: “What is dirty electricity”.  Go to FAQ, scroll down to “What’s the difference between all these units?” then read “Are there some basic guidelines for deciding…” and choose your kit.  Purchase use my discount code: EMFGUY.

**Lastly, in addition to the devices listed, there are two options:

1) Brimhall Wellness sells a very simple and unobtrusive way to protect yourself… a Magnet Card, which you place in your left front pants pocket or inside left side of bra. They are only $20 each, or $10 each when buying a pack of 10.  I won’t repeat here the health benefits of magnets, there is plenty of research confirming this.

*Note from Connie: I have NOT tested these magnet cards myself so I do not know how effective they are at blocking EMF’s. I prefer to use Energpolarit diodes listed below by because I am very familiar with them.

To order the magnet card that easily fits in left side of pocket or the left side of bra. They are $20 each before using promotion code (all caps): EMFGUY

  1. Energpolarit diodes are excellent for wall outlets (especially the ones that are within 6 feet of your bed!), computers, cell phone, smart meters on the outside of your house or apartment building, wifi routers, circuit breaker box and any other appliances or electrical devices such as TV’s, an alarm clock near your bed and to put on the left side of your body to protect your person. I have tested these diodes with a few different EMF detectors and they work!


Here is the latest version of my EMF Health report, on Arianna Huffington’s site:  THRIVE GLOBAL.

At the bottom of my author page, see links for Part I & II. Click and read.
Part II has solutions that work.
There are discount codes for BluShield and Total Shield.

Use the codes on the websites listed. Do not go to Amazon.
Guy Vantresca
Consultant for Natural Health
Tel:  212.226.9016
Mobile:  917.549.2627
64 Bleecker St.  #247
New York, NY  10012

One last added note that could save your life or save you from a lifetime of suffering: I will deliberately keep this topic very short. I will share a very sad truth from my experience as a Mercury and Heavy Metal Detox Specialist since 2008 – about 20-25% of my clients were completely healthy until a few days to a few weeks to a few months after getting some form of vaccine, tetanus shot or flu shot. Their life (or their child’s life) turned into a living hell thereafter.

If you are considering getting a vaccine, please first educate yourself about the health risks involved with vaccines. There is no shortage of credible and factual information about this topic. Most, if not all vaccines are loaded with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and/or other poisonous substances (legally I have to add the words “if not all” in this sentence and that’s the only reason they are in this sentence).

Unfortunately, many well meaning doctors do not even know what is in them! You can ask your doctor for the label of the list of ingredients in that vaccine (“patient label”). That being said, the patient labels does NOT tell you everything that the “doctor’s label” does including health and cancer warnings! The FDA requires that a patient label be included in every box of vaccines so do know that they are available.

However, some doctors will get offended if you ask to see it and refuse to give you this list even though you have a legal and ethical right to see it. This is a clear sign that you may want to get a different doctor who understands and cares about the health dangers of being exposed to these poisonous substances!

Please make sure the sources you educate yourself with are not supported and funded by a pharmaceutical company or governmental agency that gets massive funding from pharmaceutical companies, which is not always easy to determine! It sometimes requires some effective research.

Summary of Step One of Program:

1. Replace amalgam fillings, if applicable
2. Eliminate consumption of all fish and shellfish, except for specific sardines and anchovies
3. Eat only non-GMO, organic, grass-fed, free-roaming meats, eggs and dairy
4. Eat only non-GMO organic fruits and vegetables
5. Drink and cook with only pure water sources
6. Use non-toxic household cleaners and exterminators
7. Non-toxic personal hygiene products
8. Consume no artificial sweeteners
9. Do not use toothpaste and mouthwash containing fluoride
10. Do not use toxic candles
11. Use non-toxic cookware
12. Protect your home, office and person from electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF’s).

*Research before getting a vaccination or flu shot for you, your children and your pets.

Some brief information for those with pets:

Did you know that a 10-pound dog gets the same dose of their toxic vaccines as a 100 pound dog? Yes, it is true! Did you know a 3-year rabies vaccine also has the EXACT same dose of ingredients (including the mercury and aluminum in them!) as a 1-year rabies vaccine! Yes, it is true! Vets won’t tell you this either. They make more money giving your pets a vaccine every year versus every 3 years. This is another topic I could write a book about! Please consider why pets get the same diseases and illnesses as we humans do and give them the same consideration you would want to give yourself and your human loved ones. One Veterinarian, Dr. Jean Dodd performed a scientific study giving HALF the dose of vaccines to small dogs and it proved to be just as effective. Click here to read study 

Here’s what a renowned Veterinarian Dr. Micahel Dym VMD has to say about vaccines for pets:

Over the past 40 years and 17 generations of dogs and, cats we are seeing tremendous increases in chronic ill health in our pets that was rare back in the early 1970’s when I was a child. Most of these illnesses revolve around breakdown in our pets’ immune systems, and include chronic skin/ear allergies, digestive upset, thyroid/adrenal/pancreatic disorders, seizures, gum/ teeth problems, degenerative arthritis, kidney/liver failure, and cancer across all ages and breeds. We are also seeing a record number of behavioral and emotional disorders including alarming and unexplained fears/aggression, as well as difficulty focusing/training and paying attention. The analogy of these compared with escalating immune/behavioral diseases in children is quite disturbing. The two biggest factors in our pets’ population health decline over these generations has been the severe overuse of multiple vaccines and nutrient poor and toxin filled commercial pet foods. We have also failed to address the underlying cause of disease by only sup- pressing symptoms with antibiotics, cortisone and related drugs, so the disease progresses and goes deeper. Homeopathy offers a viable alternative in truly curing pets and making their bodies healthier. Visit his website:

Mercury and Heavy Metal Detox Specialist, Connie Fox HHP, CHC, AADP,


This content is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease, illness or health condition. Please consult with your physician for any health or nutritional advice.

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