Top 12 Ways to Prevent Exposure to Mercury, Other Metals and Environmental Toxins

Step 1 of my program is all about eliminating exposure to mercury, other heavy metals and environmental toxins. This is the first priority. I could easily write a few books about all the ways we are unknowingly exposed to various poisonous substances. But, this issue can be effectively undertaken in 12 simple steps.

Replace amalgam fillings (if applicable)

1. Remove all amalgam (silver) fillings only by a dentist that is specially trained and certified for the safe removal of amalgam fillings.
Two excellent sources I recommend who maintain updated lists of dentists who are qualified in the safe removal of amalgams fillings are:

DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) is a non-for-profit organization that will send you a wealth of information and resources for Please support them in their great work to help victims of mercury toxicity. The also print a bi-annual news booklet, providing you with updated research, studies, real stories and many valuable resources. Their website is:

IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology)
Mercury Free Dentistry

IABDM (International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine)

Following is a website that shares very thorough and excellent information about root canals, cavitations, amalgam filling removal and shares information about a dental clinic in Tijuana called, American Bio-Dental Center, Tijuana, which has dentists that follow Dr. Hal Huggin’s protocols for proper treatment of root canals, cavitations and amalgam filling removal. Many people travel here from the US to get their dental work done rightly and at a fraction of the cost compared to most dental offices in the US. They also have a list of qualified biologic dentists:

Here is an excellent Youtube video discussing this topic and from dentists at the clinic in Tijuana: Title: American Bio-Dental Center (Tijuana)

Eliminate consumption of fish and shell fish

2. Do not eat fresh or saltwater fish or shellfish, except for anchovies and sardines, preferably in aluminum and BPA free containers. In 2011 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officially stated that seafood is now the most toxic and harmful food in the United States due to its high mercury Many other seafoods are also highly toxic with pesticides, dioxins and other chemicals.

Farm-raised fish are especially toxic due to the contaminated food they are given. Most farm-raised fish are given steroids and hormones to grow quickly and abnormally large. Many experts state that from the fukushima radiation in Japan in 2011, plutonium (radiation) has traveled to the U.S. Pacific coasts and inner fresh waters and beyond.

Wild Alaskan salmon used to be the last remaining safe, non-toxic fish available. Not anymore. Some researchers have sent various samples of fresh wild Alaskan Salmon and they tested positive for plutonium (radiation).

Needless to say, your progress will be limited if you continue to poison your body with more mercury and other poisonous substances.

Eat only non-GMO, organic, grass-fed, free-roaming meats, eggs and dairy

3. Do not eat non-organic meat, eggs, and dairy products, at least when at home. In 2011, the EPA has stated that non-organic meat, eggs and dairy are now the second most toxic and harmful foods in the United States due to its high level of steroids, hormones, chemicals and pesticides in the foods they are fed when non-organic.  Also, the food we feed animals that is non-organic is usually genetically modified.

In some locations, it is not easy to find restaurants that serve organic foods, but at least when at home, please eat only organic meat and eggs. Animals that are fed organic foods are usually treated more humanely. Grass fed beef or buffalo is very healthy. The fat tested in grass fed beef is one of the healthiest fats one can consume. When beef is fed an unnatural diet of GMO corn, grain, soy, and typically does not graze on its natural diet, changes the entire composition of the meat and fat, adversely altering the quality.

Eat only non-GMO organic fruits and vegetables

4. Eat only organic fruits and vegetables; at least when at home. All non-organic fruits and vegetables have pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals. These pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, steroids, hormones, etc. are tasteless, odorless and colorless. Just because you can’t see, taste or smell it, does not mean it’s not there.

Also, many non-organic foods are GMO and also irradiated, which destroys the molecular structure of the food. This is demonstrated by countless scientific studies to have a severe detrimental effect on the cells in the human body, including altering and damaging one’s DNA.

This greatly impairs the immune system as well as other bodily systems. Also, the nutritional content of non-organic fruits and vegetables are much lower than organic food. One example: organic spinach contains 8 times more iron than non-organic spinach.

Drink and cook with only pure water sources

5. Drink clean, pure water – NOT tap or bottled water! All or most bottled water is also very toxic. One scientific study of many tested 22 brands of bottled water containing high levels of the known neurotoxin fluoride.

This does not include the other various toxins in our treated water, such as lead, arsenic, mercury, chlorine and pharmaceutical drugs improperly disposed in toilets. Numerous water tests have identified the drugs, Prozac and other antidepressants, valium, antibiotics, Viagra and many others. So make sure to use a good water filter for you and your pets.
The water filter systems I recommend are:

Ionizer Plus Electrolyzer: Recommended by experts in the field of heavy metal and environmental toxicity, including Dr. Sherry Rogers MD, author of Detoxify or Die.

A travel size counter top unit. Sells for approximately $1,750. For more information and some excellent articles and information:

Aqua Tru Water filter system: An excellent travel size counter top reverse osmosis water filter system for about $400.

Zero Water Filter: Available at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target and Amazon. An inexpensive pitcher and 5 carbon water filter system for $50. This filter purifies over 99.9% from all forms of toxins. Four refill filters are about $50.

Use non-toxic household cleaners and exterminators

6. Use non-toxic cleaners and exterminators in your home. Health food stores carry non-toxic household cleaners. Non-toxic exterminators are available almost anywhere now.

Non-toxic personal hygiene products

7. Use only non-toxic personal hygiene products – this includes body lotions, cosmetics, facial creams, perfume/cologne, deodorant. Do not use any perfume/cologne until you a fully recovered. These products are extremely toxic. They are so harmful to the body and when applied on the face and neck, it’s absorbed through the skin and goes directly into the brain, thyroid and endocrine The liver doesn’t even have a chance to try to neutralize these toxins.

The chemicals in perfumes contain known carcinogens and are directly related to causing hormone imbalances, infertility, a weak immune system, allergies/sensitivities, depression, insomnia and many other symptoms. Many cosmetics and lipsticks, including lip balms have petroleum-based products in them! Use non-toxic lip products, available at health food stores. Use only aluminum-free deodorant. We all know how toxic aluminum is to the human body, yet unfortunately, it is still allowed to be used in deodorant, baking powder and other common household products.

Consume no artificial sweeteners

8. Do not consume artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners (this includes Splenda and Truvia) are severely damaging to the body, in particular the nervous system and cause numerous health issues. You’re much better off eating sugar!

Do not use toxic candles. Many candles scented or non-scented release a very toxic vapor into the air. Also, do not use toxic spray deodorizers or the scented plug in types. The chemicals in them contain known These have been known to kill infants (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), pet birds and other animals, cause asthma, allergies, anxiety, brain damage and nervous system problems.

Do not use toothpaste and mouthwash containing fluoride

9. Do not use toothpaste and mouthwash containing fluoride. Even though there are countless scientific studies proving how toxic and harmful fluoride is and that it is a neurotoxin and know carcinogen, companies still add fluoride in toothpastes, mouthwash and our drinking water.

NOW Xyliwhite and Spry are my favorite brands of toothpaste and mouthwash and is available at most health food stores. It contains xylitol, which is a healthy sweetener and is also effective at killing bacteria.

Do not use toxic candles or toxic air fresheners

10. Many use scented candles and other air fresheners. Most of them are very toxic! Even many “soy candles” may contain soy, but also contains poisonous chemicals. These chemicals get into the air that you breathe. Please read the ingredients in the product you are using. If it does not list all the ingredients, then don’t use it!

Use non-toxic cookware

11. Use non-toxic cookware. Teflon non-stick cookware and many other non-stick cookware are very toxic with polychlorofluorocarbons and other poisonous chemicals. The toxins get released into the food you cook. This includes cooking with aluminum cookware and aluminum foil.

Cast iron skillets and pans are often considered hazardous to one’s health. When cooking food in the oven, also use non-toxic cookware. Glass, ceramic, ceramic and titanium and stainless steel are ideal.

You can get 100% stainless steel pots and pans at restaurant supply stores. Titanium and ceramic pans are a healthy non-stick option.

Protect Your Home, Office and Person from EMF’s

12. Prevent or greatly reduce exposure to electronic magnetic frequencies (EMF’s). The topic of EMF’s is not my area of expertise. So, I will only briefly touch on this subject, but know that it is of the utmost importance. Please use “diodes” for all electronic devices in your home, especially your cell phones, computers, wireless routers and cordless phones, as these devices emit the most EMF’s. Also, use diodes for your lamp, electric clock and wall outlets near your bed where you sleep. Never use a microwave for anything, including water, or stand within 6 feet of one while in operation.

Anyone chronically ill can be more adversely affected by EMF exposure. Dr. Klinghardt taught me that EMF exposure greatly inhibits the body’s ability to heal and detoxify by altering and interfering with the body’s energy system. He has numerous published articles and videos explaining the how’s and why’s about this. There are also many other sources available online from other EMF experts.

I encourage you to consult with an EMF expert. I personally recommend Guy Vantresca. His phone number is: 917-549-2627. He is available for phone consultations. Newer, more technologically advanced equipment for EMF protection continues to be produced. One consultation with an EMF expert can advise you on exactly what options are available to fully protect you and your family from EMF exposure in your home, car and elsewhere.

One brand of EMF protection diodes I recommend are Energpolarit diodes. This is the EMF protection Dr. Klinghardt recommended to me. I have personally tested these diodes with a few different EMF detectors and with various electronics and wall outlets. I can personally vouge that they work at blocking/absorbing EMF’s. Order at:

The Most Important EMF Protection Diodes:

PC or lap top computer

Electric wall outlet especially behind or near your bed. These emit EMF’s constantly (right into your head and body)

Electric clock, lamp or other device near your bed

Wall outlets, especially near your bed

Circuit breaker box

Cordless phone

Wifi router

Cell phone

Personal diode: A small diode for keeping on your person. Put under pillow while sleeping at night, or keep in your left pocket or the left side of bra when you leave your home.

Smart meter diode: Diode made for smart meters if you have them on an exterior wall of your home or apartment. These are electric boxes installed from the electric company. Some apartment complexes have several together on one wall. If this wall connects to your apartment, please get this diode for smart meters!

Total Shield: An amazing new product on the market. Protects a 20,000 square foot building from outside sources coming in, such as satellite, radio, cellular antennas and towers. It costs about $550. Order the “quadruple coil”. It is 9 inches high by 4.5 inches diameter.

One last added note that could save your life or save you from a lifetime of suffering: I will deliberately keep this topic very short. I will share a very sad truth from my experience as a Mercury and Heavy Metal Detox Specialist since 2008 – about 20-25% of my clients were completely healthy until a few days to a few weeks to a few months after getting some form of vaccine, tetanus shot or flu shot. Their life (or their child’s life) turned into a living hell thereafter.

If you are considering getting a vaccine, please first educate yourself about the health risks involved with vaccines. There is no shortage of credible and factual information about this topic. Most, if not all vaccines are loaded with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and/or other poisonous substances (legally I have to add the words “if not all” in this sentence and that’s the only reason they are in this sentence).

Unfortunately, many well meaning doctors do not even know what is in them! You can ask your doctor for the label of the list of ingredients in that vaccine (“patient label”). That being said, the patient labels does NOT tell you everything that the “doctor’s label” does including health and cancer warnings! The FDA requires that a patient label be included in every box of vaccines so do know that they are available.

However, some doctors will get offended if you ask to see it and refuse to give you this list even though you have a legal and ethical right to see it. This is a clear sign that you may want to get a different doctor who understands and cares about the health dangers of being exposed to these poisonous substances!

Please make sure the sources you educate yourself with are not supported and funded by a pharmaceutical company or governmental agency which is not always easy to determine! It sometimes requires some effective research.

Please visit my Facebook page for videos, articles and other posts about vaccines which are from highly credible doctors, scientists and medical researchers.

Summary of Step One of Program:

1. Replace amalgam fillings, if applicable
2. Eliminate consumption of all fish and shell fish, except for specific sardines and anchovies
3. Eat only non-GMO, organic, grass-fed, free-roaming meats, eggs and dairy
4. Eat only non-GMO organic fruits and vegetables
5. Drink and cook with only pure water sources
6. Use non-toxic household cleaners and exterminators
7. Non-toxic personal hygiene products
8. Consume no artificial sweeteners
9. Do not use toothpaste and mouthwash containing fluoride
10. Do not use toxic candles
11. Use non-toxic cookware
12. Protect your home, office and person from EMF’s

*Research before getting a vaccination or flu shot for you or your children.

Mercury Detox Specialist, Connie Fox HHP, CHC, AADP,


This content is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease, illness or health condition. Please consult with your physician for any health or nutritional advice.

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