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Due to a life-threatening illness (mercury poisoning and Lyme Disease), in one single instant, I lost nearly everything I valued in my life. My fiancé, my home, the hope of having my own family, a life-long friend and eventually all my money! I came to understand what it is like to be so ill there is no hope for a future worth living.

What possible good could have come from this? I acquired a deep level of compassion for the sick and suffering with a yearning to help other victims of mercury and heavy metal toxicity. This motivated me to become a licensed and board certified Holistic Health Practitioner so I could professionally pass on what I had learned.

There simply is NOT a one-size-fits-all protocol for the moderate to severe mercury toxic. Medical and dental schools in America still do not teach how to safely and effectively detoxify mercury. They still teach that the mercury in amalgam fillings and vaccines and flu shots are safe! This is why it can be so challenging to find the right help. It is my goal to save others from the unnecessary pain, difficulty and expense involved with standard, broad-based treatments.

In the midst of your deepest feelings of fear and despair, I want you to know that you can have real hope again. You can claim back your health and I am your living proof that it is possible. I was medically recorded as the most mercury toxic person to have survived – and without any lasting damage!

I lost nearly 8 years of my life in agony and isolation, seeing over 90 doctors internationally and wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars until I reached full recovery with the help of the one doctor that knew what to do to save my life – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, Phd, world renowned as the #1 top doctor for the treatment of mercury toxicity and its related health conditions.

By applying Dr. Klinghart’s recommendations, combined with the knowledge and understanding I gained from an enormous amount of first-hand trial and error experience, I eventually developed my own cellular restoration and detox program. I achieved a full recovery without any remaining symptoms of any kind. I enjoy perfect health again and so can you!

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