The Hidden Facts and Serious Health Problems from Root Canals and Cavitations

The topic of root canals and cavitations [gum infections from extracted teeth] is critically important and many people have no idea how dangerous they can be to one’s health. If you have a root canal or cavitation, you will likely not want to hear this. But, I am here to tell you what I learned and applied to reach my full recovery as the most mercury poisoned person to have survived without lasting damage.

I was taught that a root canal is a dead, infected, decaying tooth. It is a dead piece of bone that sits rotting in your gum, located a mere one to two inches from your brain. When I was Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s patient, he told me that approximately 95% of all root canals should be extracted and that very few root canals are not harmful to the body. He also said that, “the bacteria from root canals makes mercury look like a red-headed step child”.

In other words, the damaging effects of this bacteria can be even more harmful to the body’s cells than the toxic heavy metal mercury. This bad bacteria easily spreads into the brain and throughout the body via thousands of microscopic capillaries in the gum. These capillaries directly connect to blood vessels and arteries that travel through the body, reaching all organs, glands and bodily systems.

It is never a pleasing thought to get a precious tooth extracted. But, if you have a root canal, you may seriously want to consider getting all root canals extracted. Know that the only reason you do not feel pain, as a natural signal from the body telling you something is wrong with this infected, rotting tooth, is because your dentist or oral surgeon destroyed (cleared out) the three main nerve roots from the tooth into the gum. So, it is no longer capable of feeling painful because the nerves and tooth are now dead. When these three roots are destroyed, the tooth is no longer a “living” tooth. It is a dead piece of bone that will continue to rot and decay, continuing to spread the infection throughout your body.

The Most Dangerous Dental Procedure

Sometimes after a dentist cleans and disinfects these three roots to the best of their ability, the dentist then fills the nerve roots with a filler. This procedure is called an apicoectomy. Some dentists use amalgam filling material to fill up the three nerve roots! This is what was done to me. This is often referred to as the most dangerous dental procedure performed. It is even worse to have mercury amalgam filling material in the gum where it spreads through your entire body via the blood stream! Regardless of the material used to fill the tooth roots, the filling clogs up (blocks) the tooth roots.

The bacteria that is produced from this dead, rotten tooth, cannot drain out through the gum into the mouth, then pass through the digestive tract. It’s certainly not good to be ingesting this bacteria but, it’s even worse if the bacteria is not able to drain out for then it passes directly into your brain and endocrine system. This bacteria can be extremely damaging to brain cells and directly damages the nervous system.

Dr. Boyd Haley, an internationally renowned dentist and advocate against amalgam fillings and root canals, says that approximately half of a dentist’s revenue is by performing root canals. So, if you ask your dentist about this, s/he may naturally feel threatened by this question and dismiss it without due consideration.

You may already know by now that dental schools in America still teach that mercury amalgam fillings are safe, despite countless scientific studies proving otherwise. It is actually illegal for dentists to warn their patients of the health risks from root canals or that amalgam fillings emits poisonous mercury vapor. Some dentists have had their dentist’s license permanently revoked for doing so. Yet many forward-thinking dentists have begun to advertise in their offices: “Mercury-free Dental Practice”. They don’t openly talk about it, but choose to discontinue the use of amalgam fillings.

Many dentists, doctors and medical researchers claim the mercury amalgam and root canal issue is a huge cover-up by the FDA and ADA, as there are billions of dollars at stake annually for them should they let the truth be told.

Cavitat Machines

Lastly, some dentists have cavitat machines. They are said to be capable of cleaning and sterilizing the bacteria-ridden capillaries of infected teeth and gums more effectively through the use of ultra-violet light therapy. Ultra-violet light has the capacity to sterilize deeper into the capillaries than the standard cleaning procedure of an antiseptic wash. I asked Dr. Klinghardt about this, hoping to be able to keep my root canal tooth. He told me it is impossible for the ultra-violet light to get fully into these microscopic capillaries. Many other experts agree.

Two excerpts about root canals:

Author of the book, “The Aging Solution” by Anya Vien states, “Out of all the modern dental procedures, there is nothing more damaging than root canals. Almost 60 million root canals are performed every year. As shocking as it may sound, the truth is you are putting yourself in danger. Unfortunately, most of us have gone through the procedure once or twice in our lives and we probably have never been told the real truth about root canals. We get convinced by dentists of how unwise it is to lose the tooth even though it’s already dead after a root canal procedure. And we listen, because we don’t want to lose any teeth; we are vain and we think our dentist knows best. The truth is, there is nothing harmless and safe about root canals. Bacteria formed in the root travels to other parts of the body through the bloodstream. Contrary to modern dental wisdom, antibiotics will not kill the bacteria formed in your root canal because the dead tooth does not have blood being supplied to it, so antibiotics will not be able to reach the inside of that tooth.”

Dr. Weston A. Price, a world-renowned pioneer in medicine and dentistry, discovered that root canals had within them bacteria capable of producing many diseases. He states:

“There are bacteria in root canals that favor destruction of the nervous system and many other systems, resulting in the creation of autoimmune reactions. Our first DNA studies examined bacteria retrieved from crushed tooth root tips. We can identify eighty-three different anaerobic bacterial species with DNA testing. Root canals contain 53 different species out of these 83 samples. Some are more dangerous than others, and some occur frequently, some occasionally. We found”:

Capnocytophaga ochracea

Fusobacterium nucleatum

Gemella morbillorum

Leptotrichia buccalis

Porphyromonas gingivalis

“Of what significance are these? Four affect the heart, three the nerves, two the kidneys, two the brain and one the sinus cavities. Shouldn’t we question the wisdom of supplying a haven for these microbes so close to our brain and circulatory system?” – Dr. Weston A. Price

To find a qualified dentist, click here: Resources to Find a Qualified Biological, Mercury-Free Dentist

There are countless published articles and studies available on the web from various credible doctors, dentists and medical researchers on the topic of root canals and cavitations, as well as Youtube videos. Following are just a few:

Recommended books about root canals and cavitations:

“The Root Canal Cover-Up” by Dr. George Meinig DDS, F.A.C.D

“The Toxic Tooth: How a Root Canal Could Be Making You Sick” by Dr. Robert Kulacz DDS and Dr. JD Levy MD

“Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Dr. Weston A. Price DDS (Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation)

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