Resources to Help You Find A Qualified Biological, Mercury-Free Dentist

The following organizations can help you to find a qualified biological, mercury-free dentist:

Resources provided by Dr. Mercola:…

Following is a website that shares very thorough and excellent information about root canals, cavitations, amalgam filling removal and shares information about a dental clinic in Tijuana called, American Bio-Dental Center, Tijuana, which has dentists that follow Dr. Hal Huggin’s protocols for proper treatment of root canals, cavitations and amalgam filling removal. Many people travel here from the US to get their dental work done rightly and at a fraction of the cost compared to most dental offices in the US. They also have a list of qualified biologic dentists:

Here is an excellent Youtube video discussing this topic and from dentists at the clinic in Tijuana: Title: American Bio-Dental Center (Tijuana)

If you have no biological dentists available in your local area, the following biological dentists offer phone consultations. You can send them a “3D full panoramic” x-ray of all teeth/gum regions and schedule a phone consultation with them to confirm you do not have any unknown cavitations from pulled wisdom teeth or other unknown gum infections. For more information, read my blog article: The Hidden Facts and Serious Health Problems from Root Canals and Cavitations


Dr. Panahpour DDS

Seattle, Washington

Phone: 888-338-6336



Dr. Lina Garcia DDS

South Barrington, Illinois

Phone: 847-426-9000

FAX: 847-426-9059



Renowned as one of the best dental clinics in the world:

Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz

Leitender Zahnarzt, Switzerland

Mercury Detox Specialist, Connie Fox HHP, CNC, AADP

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