“My beautiful, talented, and innocent 26 year old daughter is paralyzed because of childhood vaccines, 3 amalgam fillings, flu shots, and a love for eating Salmon. We were oblivious to the dangers of any of these toxins. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis close to 6 years ago, but I recently learned that she has heavy metal/mercury toxicity. MS is just a “label” for the symptoms of mercury poisoning. It can happen to anyone, and Connie knows all too well. Thank you for being a voice and caring for those who suffer and thank you again, on behalf of Breanna. You have given us both hope, where there was NONE before.

All of the doctors in the last year have asked me if I wanted them to continue treatment…what they didn’t know is that you were waiting around the corner. ???? Breanna gives me a smile every day Connie, and NONE of them would have never expected that, nor did they know that she has mercury in her throat, lungs and tissues. Despite the pneumonia set-back…her health is still improving every day. THANK YOU. I am so very relieved that I found you! You are a huge blessing to us!”

Christine Long – Cleborne, Texas


“I am so glad that I found you because you know the experience inside out and you understand a patient’s needs better than any doctor I have meet on my painful journey. When I read your story for the first time, I was crying and ran to my mother to show her that I found someone who had the same level of agony and she recovered fully. Then, I decided to place a call and contact you. Reading  your story has saved me from killing myself many times. Whenever I get so bad, my mom always say “look at Connie, she healed after being almost poisoned to death”. That gives me hope. You get it Connie better than any big celebrity functional medicine doctor and many doctors out there. I am sure there are some good medical doctors but I just have not found one yet.

My Naturopath was really impressed at the power of what you recommended and the information on leaky gut. Now, she is thinking of giving that to her clients for leaky gut. She was just super impressed with your information.

Connie, you are changing the world and thru your clients you are helping other practitioners open their eyes to unconventional ways of treating the toxicity and methylation block. You should make additional video which talks about methylation block from mercury on your site.”

Preet Mann – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Connie Fox without a doubt saved my life. I was two days away from taking it when I miraculously came across her website. Five months of intense gut healing, nutrient replenishment, and detox and I am alive to tell the tale. Prior to coming across Connie’s plan, I would go to sleep praying that I wouldn’t wake up the next day – for I could not handle another day of torture, yet I did not want to kill myself. Recently, I have been waking up overflowed with positive emotions and excitement for the day.  I look at myself in the mirror as if I am looking at a stranger now, for it is a very new and strange feeling for me to be comfortable in my own skin. Without a doubt, Connie is a mercury detox GURU. She was the guiding light for me in the maze that is holistic health for heavy metal poisoning. I have a lot of work left, but with my newfound clarity and focus, I have decided to partake in a similar line of work as Connie. She gave me many fish, but more importantly, she taught me how to fish, and perhaps we can now help twice as many people in this increasingly toxic world.”

Sincerely, Josh Macin – West Orange, New Jersey (www.thedetoxdudes.com)

“Hi Connie, I’m feeling so much stronger mentally and physically. I’m noticing so many changes in my well-being that I never even thought possible. I’m noticing great improvement in my leaky gut symptoms, my anxiety is mostly gone, my teeth and bones feel much stronger, and I’m just generally a much happier and pleasant person than I’ve been in my whole life, to be honest. Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am already for this program and your advice. :)”

Brittany DeLuna – San Antonio, Texas

“Thank you so much for helping me get started, you have given me new hope that I have been searching for to live a healthy and happy life again. You are truly a Godsend and I appreciate you so much and the decision you have made to give back. You are a blessing!!!”

Michele Hohman – Palm Harbor, Florida

“I think what you’re doing is amazing and I’m very happy to work with someone as professional and knowledgeable as yourself! Thanks so much for all of your time!!”

Christine Bowen – Laguna Beach, California

“Hi Connie,
We are 3+ months on the leaky gut protocol now and over this period I am seeing steady improvements in food sensitivities and appetite. This is a big deal for me since [her 7 year old Autistic son] was averse to a lot of food since he was a baby and it was always a challenge for me to find ways to make him eat a balanced diet.

Nowadays He is hungrier and shows interest in new food :-). Overall I see gradual but definite improvements in sleep, cognition etc and I believe these are happening as the leaky gut is healing gradually. I wanted to thank you for suggesting to try this leaky gut protocol.”

R.W. – Clayton, Missouri (mother of 7 year old son with non-verbal Autism)

“Thank you so much for being here to help me with what I have been coping with all alone for years! You are the only one that understood me and believed me! I was not crazy, I was sick! You need to let more people know about you and I am grateful I found you. I know I have some more time to be completely well again but I know I will get there! Instead of killing myself, God brought me you. I never told you I was about to kill myself, but I was. I was so hopeless when I called you and in so much pain for so long. Much of the anxiety is gone and my headaches are no more. I can breathe again too. The feeling oxygen deprived is SO much better! I will keep doing what I’m doing like you said! Thank you! Bless you!”

Nancy Jatta – Cleveland, Ohio

“I have seen about 20 doctors and you have helped me more than all of them. Thank you.”

Ted Mortellaro – Chicago, Illinois

“You have helped me so much I cannot even say it in words. I really don’t know what I would have done without you. I see the light at the end of the tunnel!! I am able to go out now and take my kids places! It is also wonderful being able to eat again too!!! I am much less sensitive to everything! I am so grateful. I know I am going to be the mom I used to be. You are a gift to this world.”

Martha Don – Kearney, New Jersey

“My life turned into a living hell two weeks after that flu shot. I saw two dozen doctors before I had a consult with you. They didn’t know anything!! They weren’t able to help me at all!! I know I am lucky I found you as early as I did. But more than two years of getting worse and worse was absolute sheer hell. The insomnia and anxiety was unbearable! I couldn’t tolerate anything the doctors told me to take! I’ve got dozens of bottles in a big box with what they recommended because I couldn’t tolerate any of it! You brought me hope and in less than three months I am so much better I cannot believe it! I knew after the first time I talked with you that you knew what I needed. Thank you for helping me. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. You should teach doctors what you know!!!”

Brenda Burnes – Phoenix, Arizona

“Thank you Connie. This helps a lot. I have been looking over your plan for me and getting it organized. The plan looks great and makes complete sense and I know it will definitely work for me.”

Jay Reid, Chicago, Illinois

“Hi Connie, Wow, is there anything you don’t know?? You are such a wealth of information. Did I ever tell you what a God send you are? I’m on the right track thanks to YOU. I’m so happy I found you Connie. You’re providing a great service to a lot of confused scared people. Thanks for all you do. Connie, you really do need to open that mercury detox clinic.  You owe it to those who could benefit greatly from it and to be able to go to a place where they can learn all this and concentrate on getting healthy. Thanks, as always, for your insights and thorough info.  So glad I found you.”

Hi Connie,

“Not to be mean (since he’s [her doctor] a nice person and he tries) but read email trail below.  So I was the one who took it upon myself to research high B12 serum and what may be going on.  When this doctor (below) saw my B12 was high (a couple of times now) he just said he wouldn’t worry about it and said that it was good…that my B12 was so high???  So of course, it doesn’t make any sense to me, so I had to take it upon myself to research and show him the information that even though my B12 serum was off the charts high, I may not be utilizing (assimilating) the B12 (hence a deficiency) and that’s why it was so high.  You on the other hand, without me even mentioning it, you immediately came to the same conclusion I did.  Just one of many examples of how you are more informed than most doctors.  Just saying…thanks again for all you do.”

Jill Meyerdierks – Charleston, South Carolina

“Thanks for clarifying, it all makes sense and it’s all so very interesting to me. You go to so many doctors that are dumbfounded by mercury poisoning and then when you do find someone that knows a little something about it, they have no idea how to treat moderate to severe cases. I can’t stress how thankful I am to have found you. In comparison, your protocol to my ND”s is a world of difference. Your’s for one is less dangerous, second you’re more knowledgeable, you survived it, which makes me more comfortable/hopeful, and third it’s working for me, not worsening me. DMPS was so hard on me mentally and physically. I’m so grateful there is a safer way to get through this”.

Hi Connie,

“How are you? I’ve been doing the chelators for a little over a month now.  I’m taking in the morning and afternoon. I feel no side effects and I can tell that I’ve become stronger. I forgot how nice it feels to have a clear mind and be able to think straight ???? The only thing that effects me still is wifi still but it’s not as bad when everything first happened. Thank you.”

Angela Khoung, San Jose, California

“Thanks so much! I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t find you. You have given me so much hope, on a whole new level. I actually believe it’s possible to recover now, and maybe feel normal for the first time ever! You’re the best!!!!!”

Sonja Bednar – Chicago, Illinois

“Thank God for you! Without your help I don’t know where I’d  be! Thank you for being here for me and caring so much. Thank you for all your help.”

Tiffany Bartel – Janesville, Wisconsin

“Thank you for helping me. I understand why I have not been able to make any progress! I am starting to become more clear minded and from not being able to eat almost anything, I am able to eat and do a lot more now. Many thanks for your information.”

Mark Donahue – Seattle, Washington

“Hi Connie. Wanted to update you. With your help I have been feeling much better and have been good the last 2 months or so. My life was such a nightmare before. I can’t thank you enough for all your guidance and help.”

Christine McIntyre – Madison, New Jersey

“Dear Connie. The last month has been the most stable I have been in three years, my mum said she’s been amazed and have I too! I really felt like my body and brain had calmed down a little. I am definitely not well yet, but I am coping so much better and started on your program only six weeks ago. As always, thank you for your support.”

Joanne Shelsher – West Sussex, United Kingdom


“Thank you for your help and advice. I have a life again and can exercise again as I used to. I feared I would never be able to exercise hard again and it is my passion. It has been a lot of work with the program and getting in all the right foods and everything, but now I am well again. My fiancé and I are so happy and are having a baby soon now. I am so grateful to you for your help and not being sick anymore to enjoy my life and new family coming. I am grateful.”

Michael Binders – New Zealand

“I was reading your book and was shocked to hear about your experience with UTI and bladder infections!  I have suffered from those for 20 years!!  Mine were unbearable, but did go away for a while with antibiotics.  Of course they kept coming back.  I didn’t realize until I read that, that mercury was the culprit there too! Thankfully I rarely get them anymore.  I’m glad to know what to do now if I feel a UTI coming on, but I’m hoping those are a thing of the past. Thanks again.”

S.H. – Sterling, Ohio