Your Heavy Metal Toxicity Quiz Results

Please see quiz results below. If you need further assistance, Connie Fox can help those patients in need of answers.

If You Answered No To Every Question

It is not very likely that you are mercury or heavy metal toxic. Congratulations! And, keep up the good work making healthy lifestyle choices.

If You Answered Yes To One or More Questions

It is most likely that you are mercury or heavy metal toxic to some degree. The more questions you answered YES to, the more likely you are to be toxic.

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Tess Christensen – Client
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Connie is hands down the most knowledgeable practitioner I have worked with. She has no affiliations with products and is truly independent in her advice recommending only what actually WORKS for the metal toxic. The results I have achieved with Connie far exceed anything else I have done for my health. Best of all she believes the body can truly heal and she is committed to getting me to a point where supplementation is no longer needed. A rare healer.
Christine Long – Cleborne, Texas
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My beautiful, talented, and innocent 26 year old daughter is paralyzed because of childhood vaccines, 3 amalgam fillings, flu shots, and a love for eating Salmon. We were oblivious to the dangers of any of these toxins. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis close to 6 years ago, but I recently learned that she has heavy metal/mercury toxicity. MS is just a “label” for the symptoms of mercury poisoning. It can happen to anyone, and Connie knows all too well. Thank you for being a voice and caring for those who suffer and thank you again, on behalf of Breanna. You have given us both hope, where there was NONE before. All of the doctors in the last year have asked me if I wanted them to continue treatment…what they didn’t know is that you were waiting around the corner. ???? Breanna gives me a smile every day Connie, and NONE of them would have never expected that, nor did they know that she has mercury in her throat, lungs and tissues. Despite the pneumonia set-back…her health is still improving every day. THANK YOU. I am so very relieved that I found you! You are a huge blessing to us!”
Stacey Andreano – Client
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I cannot say enough how thankful I am for Connie’s knowledge and guidance in helping me through a very difficult and scary time in my life having mercury poisoning. Her protocol is spot on! Giving the body exactly what it needs and in the right order is critical to being able to heal and rid your body of the mercury, that is her expertise and she is excellent at it! I am so grateful to have found her, thank you again and again Connie! :

If you answered YES, and need clarity and some of your most important questions answered, then schedule a call with Connie Fox.

Do you think toxic heavy metals may be the cause of your mysterious and scary health symptoms?

A hair test saved my life!

I was sick for years and dozens of doctors were clueless and unable to help me. Finally, I met the doctor who had the answer for this dreadful condition. He knew how to help me safely detoxify, repair and recover from the metals and resulting pathogens.

As I healed, I became a totally new person and I was so motivated to spread this scarce knowledge that I went back to school to become a licensed and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner so I can share with you what I had learned. If you think you may be suffering from heavy metal toxicity, I always recommend to my patients to start with a custom hair analysis test to find out your toxic burden, and how well nourished your body is at a cellular level.

My Actual Hair Test
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