Words of Encouragement for the Mercury Toxic

March 16, 2016

A few days ago, I received the following email from Josh, a severely mercury-poisoned client. Our initial consultation was 3 ½ weeks before. This client had severe anxiety, fear and panic, physical exhaustion, constantly racing, fearful thoughts and discomfort and difficulty with the digesting of his foods.

Josh was blessed with a very caring and supportive father who called me for help and guidance as to how he could help his son. Josh didn’t know if he could keep hanging on like this much longer and his father was rightfully afraid that he might kill himself.

Here, Josh recounts the beginning of his recovery and I hope that all the mercury toxic who are still sick and suffering can use his words for some honest hope and encouragement. Know that you can turn things around rather quickly. Mercury detox, even in severe cases, is truly not complicated when you give the body what it needs to strengthen, clean out and heal. Nature does the rest if you don’t interfere with its’ own built-in healing capacity.

Thank you Josh for sharing your story, Connie

Hey Connie,

Here is what is going on with me:

I am doing much, much better. My digestion and bowels have both improved tremendously. Rarely does my food ferment now, and rarely if ever am I constipated. My sleep is better, and my depression and anxiety is doing better little by little. I can definitely handle more than I was able to (handle more means being able to go out in public to breakfast and get groceries lol). Other than slacking on the raw vegetable juices, I am on the full plan right now.

I feel a huge difference in my gut and my well-being. At times there are moments of joy and true self that pops in, and I haven’t experienced that in a long, long time. It feels as if my soul hasn’t even been able to be in my body during the past few years, because it was too traumatic. I have pretty bad nausea almost every day. The only way I can describe it is that this diseased part of my brain is linked to a diseased part of my gut, and if I am in a sour mood, it feels like I am feeding the disease, and that comes through as nausea. Also, feels like some bad bug die off symptoms, because my stomach is gurgling most of the day for the past few days.

Every day it is just a job to witness these disgusting and looping thoughts that seem to have no end, and not get caught up in it. It’s also a huge challenge for me not getting manic ordering and remembering all the supplements and things and “responsibilities”. When I say manic, I don’t mean pleasurable manic like most bipolar people experience. Throughout this journey I have had this absolutely sickening, crippling mania where my mind goes from one thing to the next to the next, like if I am washing the dishes then my mind will go to what’s next, and then next, until it loops out of control and I am lost in a sea of confusion and panic. I don’t know if you experienced this too, but that [constant racing of the mind] is the largest challenge for me. [YES JOSH – I CERTAINLY DID! WAY LONGER THAT I SHOULD HAVE]

Not that you need to hear this, but I saw parasites in my stool this morning!!! yay!!!  🙂

I feel very confident that this plan is the way out of this despair, and for that I am grateful, thankful, and hopeful.

So I guess it’s another few weeks or more of everything I am doing, and then getting on to the other 4 supplements you mentioned for bad bugs? I look forward to hearing back from you soon, and from the deepest depths of my heart, Thank you Connie.

– Josh

Mercury Detox Specialist, Connie Fox HHP, NC  www.MercuryMadness.info



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