The Top 3 Foods for the Mercury Toxic

When I was sick with mercury poisoning, upon my first visit with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt*, he asked me if I was a vegetarian and that if I was not able to eat a lot of eggs and red meat, I would probably not make it. I learned from him then, that the top 3 foods for the mercury toxic are eggs, red meat and beef liver. That being said, the quality of these foods and the way they are cooked is of the utmost importance.

The #1 Top Food for the Mercury Toxic

Eggs: Eggs yolks are the #1 top food for the mercury toxic. Simply put, organic, free-roaming eggs are healthy. Hens fed GMO and heavily fertilized (poisonous) corn, soy and grain, who live their entire lives crowded in tiny drawers in a constant state of stress, never seeing sunlight and given massive amounts of antibiotics, hormones and steroids to keep them alive and growing abnormally quickly and large, are NOT healthy eggs, and is terribly inhumane as well.

Also, it is critically important to eat only lightly cooked eggs or raw in a shake (with protein powder and berries). It is ideal for the yolk to be runny, as the delicate healthy fats (lecithin) in the yolk gets damaged when heated to a high temperature. Therefore, their normally healthy fats are now unable to be well absorbed by the cells and is challenging for the body to excrete. This contributes to causing high cholesterol and clogged arteries. This is why eggs get a bad rap and often cause allergies. So, eat eggs raw in a shake, lightly poached, soft scrambled or over-easy, cooked on medium-low heat.

For quite a long time, I ate 3 lightly poached eggs 3 times a day. Also, two of the 5 food sources the body needs to neutralize and excrete mercury is sulfur and healthy oils. Egg yolks have high amounts of each. Many health professionals recommend a bottle of synthetic MSM for their needed sulfur. But, this is an inferior form of sulfur.

Getting natural sulfur from whole food sources, such as eggs, cruciferous vegetables, maca powder (cruciferous root) and fresh garlic and raw freeze dried garlic caps is far superior. Also, moderate to severely mercury toxic cases often cannot tolerate MSM, as they have developed significant sensitivities to nutraceuticals such as MSM. This is due to 3 main reasons:

  1. Sulfur mobilizes mercury and the more toxic you are, the more mercury you’re going to mobilize. If you’re more mercury toxic, you need to mobilize and detoxify the mercury at a slower pace that your body’s organs and glands can handle.
  2. Usually, the more mercury toxic you are, the more severe your leaky gut condition and the food sensitivities that typically go with it.
  3. There is usually more cellular damage, including to the myelin sheath, the exterior shell of nerve cells. This causes nerve endings to become hyper-sensitive.

Lastly, the mercury toxic typically develop significant deficiencies in vitamin B12 and other B vitamins. When cooked lightly (or raw), egg yolks are loaded with very assimilable B12, other B vitamins and very needed phospholipids. Eggs and liver have the highest amount of biotin than any other foods.

For more detailed info on the incredible nutritional and medicinal benefits of eggs, visit the following sites:

The 2nd Top Food for the Mercury Toxic

Red Meat: The mercury toxic need the specific minerals, iron, amino acids and other nutrients that are in red meat. Eating healthy organic, grass-fed beef is also critically important. The meat and fat in cows fed an unnatural diet of GMO corn, soy and grain, greatly alters the quality of the it, and you certainly do not want to consume the many antibiotics, hormones and steroids non-organic cows are given. I recommend my clients eat at least one 4-6 oz serving of red meat daily if possible. I ate red meat 2-3 times a day for quite a long time.

The two most ideal ways to eat red meat is cooked rare or medium rare, cooked on medium-low heat or a beef chuck roast (or other cut) simmered in a large pot of water for about 4 hours, until it’s so tender, the meat falls off the bone. Never grill, brown or blacken your meat. Charring meat over a flame (barbequing) is a toxic. When red meat is cooked well-done and browned or blackened, it is damaged. Much of the nutrients are destroyed and it becomes hard to digest and assimilate.

The 3rd Top Food for the Mercury Toxic

Bovine organs and glands: It’s not always easy to find organic, grass-fed cow organs and glands and most people, including myself, couldn’t tolerate eating it anyway.

Raw bovine glandulars are one of the most nourishing and strengthening nutraceuticals to support organs and glands. Glandulars are extremely high in fat-soluble activators which serve as catalysts for mineral absorption. Without them, minerals cannot be absorbed by the body’s cells, regardless of how many minerals you are getting from your diet.

Dr. Ron’s Porcine-Free Organ Delight multi-glandular is whole, raw, ground, freeze-dried freshly harvested organs and glands from organic, grass-fed New Zealand raised cows (brain, liver, kidney, adrenal cortex, whole adrenal, heart, thymus, pancreas and spleen). Freeze-drying tissues preserves the unaltered proteins, enzymes and fat-soluble activators. It is important to note that supplementing with glandular extract is NOT the same and can sometimes cause sensitivities. Order at

*Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD Phd, renowned as the world’s #1 top doctor for the treatment of mercury toxicity and its related health conditions. He is the one doctor out of 97 doctors internationally who I consulted with that knew what to do to save my life.

Mercury Detox Specialist, Connie Fox, HHP, CNC, AADP


This content is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, illness or health condition. It is recommended to discuss health or nutrition related matters with your physician.

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