Remove Heavy Metals Safely and Prevent Cellular Damage with Zeolite

Clinoptilolite, known as zeolite, is a mineral formed from volcanic ash mixing in sea water. It solidifies into a honeycomb-shaped, porous particle with a natural negative charge. Heavy metals and other environmental toxins are drawn to clinoptilolite’s negative charge like a magnet, trapping the metal particles into its ‘protective’ cage-like structure. So now the metals can continue traveling through the body to exit as usual, but without causing cellular damage on its way out.

The powder form stays mostly within the intestinal tract and facilitates cleansing of the intestines. This can also support the restoration of the intestinal tract from a leaky gut condition. The zeolite particles are much smaller in liquid form, so they can pass into the bloodstream reaching the body systemically.

It is helpful to first clear out the extracellular terrain [outside of the cells] of metals before introducing chelators or detoxifiers, which draws out mercury and other metals from the intracellular terrain [inside of the cells]. This supports a safe, effective heavy metal detoxification program.

My clients often notice an improvement with their symptoms after taking zeolite, especially the liquid form. As with any nutraceutical, the purity is of the utmost importance, as well as the quality for its effectiveness. Make sure you use a high quality brand.

Mercury and Heavy Metal Detox Specialist, Connie Fox HHP, CHC, AADP


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