Live Raw Enzymes Repair Cellular Damage Caused by Heavy Metals and Pathogens

A vital part of my heavy metal detoxification program is the repair and restoration of cells. Live raw enzymes from living raw foods play a key part in repairing cellular damage caused by mercury and other toxic metals, as well as from pathogens and nutritional deficiencies which develop from a heavy metal toxic and leaky gut condition.

Enzymes are naturally in raw foods. Heating foods above 118°F destroys the enzymes. The body stores enzymes to use as needed for two main purposes:

  1. To help break down (digest) food into assimilable forms so the body’s cells can efficiently absorb needed nutrients.
  2. Enzymes are distributed throughout the body where needed most to repair damaged cells.

It is highly advantageous to consume ample amounts of food sources high in enzymes. The following food sources are high in enzymes:

  • Raw vegetable juices
  • Sprouts
  • Raw fermented beverages such as raw milk kefir, raw fermented kambucha tea, raw fermented coconut water, made from young Thai coconuts, Rejuvelac (raw fermented wheat berry water) and raw fermented sauerkraut juice.
  • Raw fermented vegetables; sauerkraut, kim chi, pickles, carrot, beet

Mercury Detox Specialist, Connie Fox, HHP, CHC, AADP ·

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