Your Custom
Heavy Metal Hair Test

A custom toxic toxic metals and full mineral hair analysis test can provide you confirmation as to what is causing you such mysterious & scary health symptoms.

Find Out What May Be Causing Your Symptoms

Find Out What Type of Toxic Metals Are Harming Your Body

Find Out How Nourished You Are At A Cellular Level

Identify your Mineral Deficiencies

Finally Have A Plan Of Action Toward Recovery

A Hair Test Is Quick, Painless And Allows You To Find Answers

Heavy Metal Hair Test Report
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Toxic Metals May Be Harming Your Health

Toxic heavy metals ruined my life & countless others for years.

I was sick for years and dozens of doctors were clueless and unable to help me. Finally, I met the doctor who had the answer for this dreadful condition. He knew how to help me safely detoxify, repair and recover from the metals and resulting pathogens.

As I healed, I became a totally new person and I was so motivated to spread this scarce knowledge that I went back to school to become a licensed and Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner so I can share with you what I had learned. If you think you may be suffering from heavy metal toxicity, a custom hair analysis test can determine the truth.

Heavy Metal Toxicity Is More Common
Than We know

News organizations routinely report upon the burden that toxic metals may have on our bodies, yet it still remains unknown as a cause for many ailments.


World Health Organization

Reports that even small amounts of mercury may cause serious health problems and threaten the development of a child in utero.



Reports that metal pipes dissolve their heavy metals into drinking water. Thus depositing many of these harmful substances into our body.

A Hair Test Saved
My Life!

My first hair test showed mercury levels so high they were off the chart. Finally! I had an answer to the cause of my illness and suffering. As I began to safely detoxify the mercury and other metals, my body was restored back to excellent health.


Read Patient Testimonials

Josh – West Orange, New Jersey

“Connie Fox without a doubt saved my life. I was two days away from taking it when I miraculously came across her website. Five months of intense gut healing, nutrient replenishment, and detox and I am alive to tell the tale. Prior to coming across Connie’s plan, I would go to sleep praying that I wouldn’t wake up the next day – for I could not handle another day of torture, yet I did not want to kill myself. Recently, I have been waking up overflowed with positive emotions and excitement for the day. I look at myself in the mirror as if I am looking at a stranger now, for it is a very new and strange feeling for me to be comfortable in my own skin. Without a doubt, Connie is a mercury detox GURU. She was the guiding light for me in the maze that is holistic health for heavy metal poisoning. I have a lot of work left, but with my newfound clarity and focus, I have decided to partake in a similar line of work as Connie. She gave me many fish, but more importantly, she taught me how to fish, and perhaps we can now help twice as many people in this increasingly toxic world.”

Brittany DeLuna – San Antonio, Texas

“Hi Connie, I’m feeling so much stronger mentally and physically. I’m noticing so many changes in my well-being that I never even thought possible. I’m noticing great improvement in my leaky gut symptoms, my anxiety is mostly gone, my teeth and bones feel much stronger, and I’m just generally a much happier and pleasant person than I’ve been in my whole life, to be honest. Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am already for this program and your advice. :)”

Nancy Jatta – Cleveland, Ohio

“Thank you so much for being here to help me with what I have been coping with all alone for years! You are the only one that understood me and believed me! I was not crazy, I was sick! You need to let more people know about you and I am grateful I found you. I know I have some more time to be completely well again but I know I will get there! Instead of killing myself, God brought me you. I never told you I was about to kill myself, but I was. I was so hopeless when I called you and in so much pain for so long. Much of the anxiety is gone and my headaches are no more. I can breathe again too. The feeling oxygen deprived is SO much better! I will keep doing what I’m doing like you said! Thank you! Bless you!”

Martha Don – Kearney, New Jersey

“You have helped me so much I cannot even say it in words. I really don’t know what I would have done without you. I see the light at the end of the tunnel!! I am able to go out now and take my kids places! It is also wonderful being able to eat again too!!! I am much less sensitive to everything! I am so grateful. I know I am going to be the mom I used to be. You are a gift to this world.”

Brenda Burnes – Phoenix, Arizona

“My life turned into a living hell two weeks after that flu shot. I saw two dozen doctors before I had a consult with you. They didn’t know anything!! They weren’t able to help me at all!! I know I am lucky I found you as early as I did. But more than two years of getting worse and worse was absolute sheer hell. The insomnia and anxiety was unbearable! I couldn’t tolerate anything the doctors told me to take! I’ve got dozens of bottles in a big box with what they recommended because I couldn’t tolerate any of it! You brought me hope and in less than three months I am so much better I cannot believe it! I knew after the first time I talked with you that you knew what I needed. Thank you for helping me. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. You should teach doctors what you know!!!”

A Hair Test May help
Identify Why Your Health
Is Suffering.

After you purchase your Toxic Metals and Full Mineral Hair Analysis Test, we will ship out your kit along with easy to follow instructions on how to collect your hair sample.

Heavy Metal Hair Test Report
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