Mercury Undercover Documentary

Ten years ago I got an S.O.S. call from my long time friend Connie Fox. Connie was so desperate that she asked me to help nurse her through a debilitating illness. She had been lethally poisoned from a hideous, hidden source of toxic mercury. I first learned about mercury poisoning from her dreadful experience. One day she visited a dentist for a simple procedure and few weeks later her life became a living hell. I witnessed her struggles to discover the cause of her baffling illness and through this journey, I watched my best friend shrink into a sickly, fragile stranger.

Because of Connie’s story, I became deeply inspired to produce a 90 minute documentary titled, “Mercury Undercover”. I previously had no idea how many hundreds of thousands of people are slowly and unknowingly being poisoned with mercury from their amalgam fillings, vaccinations and flu shots, through consuming fish and seafood and from our environment. Many people are suffering with a variety of health issues and have no idea it is because they are being slowly exposed to mercury.

President Obama recently stated that mercury is the #1 environmental threat today. Yet, the ADA, FDA and EPA continue to cover-up the truth about the dangers of amalgam fillings and other sources of exposure. In this film we plan to separate the truth from fiction according to top experts in the field. Mercury Undercover will help inform those who are oblivious to the pervasiveness of this remaining threat. Raising awareness on the subject and preventing others from the life-threatening illness caused by this terrible poison. (2011)

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Elizabeth Hong
Owner/Producer of Powerlunch Productions


Filmakers Elizabeth Hong and Daniel Montoya have exposed the treacherous dangers of mecury toxicity and its connection to dental amalgam (silver colored) fillings. The FDA and ADA have successfully concealed the life threatening health risks of mercury-amalgam fillings from the public for many years – even after mountains of scientific research have long since revealed the ugly truth. Many scientists have spoken out about how mercury vapor from amalgam filling is highly absorbed by the body. Once released from an amalgam-filled tooth, mercury vapor goes from your mouth into your lungs, then directly into your brain via your bloodstream.

A common enzyme (catalase) in your body converts (oxidizes) mercury vapor into the most toxic form of mercury and traps it inside your body’s cells. Once here, it is very difficult for your body to remove it and the nervous system can exhibit a host of symptoms in many differing forms. Amalgam fillings are a dangerous bio-hazardous material that contains more mercury than any other product sold in America. Why is this toxic killer still on the market and what is the political pressure that stands in the way? This revealing documentary features interviews with forward thinking scientists and doctors, victims, attorneys and law makers who reveal the shocking truth.