My Thank You Letter to Dr. Gerard Elmore Who Identified I Was Mercury Poisoned

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April 24, 2007

Dear Dr. Gerard Elmore:

I waited until I knew, for sure, that I would live before writing you this letter.

I felt so much pain and suffering that I planned to end my life. I was deathly ill. I said my mental
good byes to my mother, family, friends, and my dogs. Property deeds were transferred and all
my legal affairs completed. I was prepared to “leave.” I had lost all hope in finding medical
assistance. Yet, even on the darkest days, I prayed that some test might lead to some kind of
medical miracle!

When I first met with you for a consultation over six years ago, I was not even planning to discuss
my medical problems with you. I had already been to several hospitals and been poked and
prodded by over twenty doctors and specialists. You may remember some of my symptoms:

• Panic attacks
• Anxiety and sobbing attacks
• Insomnia
• Depression
• Dizziness
• Headaches
• Brain fog
• Painful burning, stinging and itching on my skin
• Extreme sensitivity to sounds and outside stimulation
• Gut pain and sudden weight loss (I was down to 97 pounds from my normal, healthy weight of
125 pounds).
• Torturous and continuous “racing” of the mind
• Being in a constant severe state of fear

After innumerable tests, the only recommendation I was given was a prescription for an antidepressant
and a referral to a psychiatrist. According to the best and brightest of the medical
profession, I was fine physically. I had been perfectly healthy my entire life and had never before
experienced any of these symptoms. Yet, no one was able to offer any other diagnosis or
treatment except that it was all in my head. It actually made me afraid to voice my concerns. Our
first office visit was my final hope. I originally came to you solely for a parasite test. I was groping
for an alternative diagnosis, actually hoping I might have a bizarre type of parasite since some of
my symptoms came from my stomach.

My first visit

I instantly felt your compassion. You made me feel like you really cared. So, I unexpectedly
opened up and told you what I had been going through and what my perplexing symptoms were.
You listened respectfully and with an open mind. This was certainly not the experience I had with
any of my previous doctors.

The first thing you said was, “You have classic symptoms of mercury toxicity. Have you ever had
your mercury levels checked?” I didn’t know what mercury toxicity was and I had not been tested
for it by any other doctor.

Why am I still alive?

You took a sample of my hair for testing and a week later called me on the phone. The vicepresident
of the testing laboratory had personally called you about my case. He had never seen
mercury levels so high before and wondered if I were even still alive. Later my high mercury levels
were confirmed via a provoked urine test.

You told me the most common exposures to mercury were not only from diet (via fish) but
through the use of amalgam fillings in dental work. Through questioning me, you helped me
remember a dental procedure I had, called an apicoectomy. I had that procedure three weeks
before the sudden onset of my illness.

Because of having an infected root canal, my dentist referred me to an oral surgeon who cleaned
it out and unfortunately, chose to fill my tooth roots in the gum area with amalgam filling, which
is over 50% mercury. There are many blood vessels in this area, making it easy to spread mercury
through the body when they “leak,” as they sometimes do.

I had no idea the suffering I was about to endure over the next five and a half years of treatment.
Adding insult to injury, it seemed an unusually difficult and monumental task to find even one
doctor that knew enough to help me safely detoxify the mercury.

I underwent countless treatments to chelate the mercury from my body’s cells. This was done
with many doctors and a variety of different chelating drugs, agents and binders, both
intravenously and orally.

The “cure” was absolute torture, actually worsening the symptoms of my condition.

Since mercury crosses the blood/brain barrier, it went directly to my brain and nervous system,
causing painful and frightening neurological symptoms. By comparison, the physical pain was
minor. The mental anguish was truly horrific.

Looking back, I see how dangerously suicidal I was most of my waking moments for three years
and at least half the time for the following two years. I do not know how I had the strength to
endure such torture for so long. I truly understand why mercury toxicity is also called the “Mad
Hatters Disease.” The term “Mad as a Hatter” was used in England more than a century ago! The
hat makers pressed men’s tall, black hats with powdered mercury directly on their hands. Hatters
literally went mad and killed themselves. I can easily recall that Edwardian style hat on the Mad
Hatter from “Alice in Wonderland.” (If they knew it way back then, why don’t we know about it

The first signs

When I was first affected, my mother had to spoon feed me daily, the few bites of food I could
barely swallow, much less have the desire to eat in the first place. I was, for all intents and
purposes, bed-ridden for three years (except for doctor and emergency room visits). I was housebound
for an additional two years.

Faith in medicine?

In all, I have consulted with a total of 58 doctors internationally and spent almost $400,000 in
out-of-pocket expenses for medical tests and treatments that my health insurance would not
cover. It is incredible how many ways we have devised to poison ourselves! Medical studies and
research are growing at astounding rates, perhaps, even more so in the environmental areas. It
seems our medical schools do not teach, or many of our medical doctors do not learn of the
possible risks of mercury toxicity, how to diagnose, what the symptoms are, or how to treat it.
This has been my unfortunate experience.

Medical savior

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt of Seattle, Washington, who is acknowledged to be one of the world’s
leading experts for the treatment of mercury toxicity, and its related health conditions, is mostly
responsible for designing and guiding me through a successful treatment plan.

I got my life back this past year and can now say I am recovered and perfectly healthy again.
I have Dr. Klinghardt and a few other doctors to thank for that, but, if it were not for you, Dr.
Elmore, I never would have found out what was wrong with me in the first place. I would certainly
not have made it this far.

Thank you for being a truly caring, compassionate, and well-informed doctor. Thank you for
saving my life. My mother, family, friends and my dogs thank you. What a difference you have
made in my life and in the lives of those I love and care for.

As a result of my lengthy healing experience, and inspired by the care you gave me, I have
acquired a deep level of compassion for sick people and a yearning to help them. Therefore, I
have been studying at The Integrative Institute of Nutrition in Manhattan and will be graduating
this June as a “Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.” I intend to specialize in
mercury/heavy metal detoxification.

Spreading the word

I believe it is my obligation to teach people how to recognize the symptoms of heavy metal
toxicity, and how to effectively treat the condition with the least damage possible. I want to
spread an awareness of how to prevent exposure to mercury and heavy metals. In addition, I
would like to share some of what I have learned with the doctors and health practitioners that
presently treat mercury toxicity.

It is crucial to understand how to treat this condition more effectively and with less health risk
and reduced symptoms for the patient.

I would like to effect changes in our current laws. Many other countries have already made the
use of amalgam fillings in dentistry illegal. Couldn’t our country at least inform our citizens of the
possible risk before using amalgam fillings?

I know this is an ambitious challenge since it involves our government, The American Dental
Association, lobbyists, lawyers, and law makers. It is difficult to understand why steps to end such
needless suffering are so slow and ineffective, but that is another story.

A grateful heart

Thanks to you, Dr. Elmore, I found my miracle – and the hope that I needed to go on. I remember
the day you presented me with the first accurate diagnosis as the happiest and most grateful day
of my life. I was silently thanking and blessing you so much – and now it is time for me thank you
openly and clearly.

Know that the good you have done will go a long way and have a beneficial effect on scores of
people. I’ve enclosed a recent photo of myself so you can see how truly healthy I have become.

With My Deepest Gratitude,

Connie Fox

Mercury Detox Specialist, Connie Fox, HHP, NC · Copyright © 2012 ·

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